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What We Offer

Reading a Braille with Doctor
Woman helping an elderly man with shopping


Our plan at Earths Loving Angels Home Health Care, LLC is to provide non-medical care services to the elderly who would benefit to age in the comfort of their own home, and who requires some assistance with day-to-day activities in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. In all that we do, we will with no doubt ensure that our clients are satisfied, and are willing to recommend our services to their family members and friends.  We are in the non-medical home health care business to deliver outstanding services and to make profits allowing us to expand our business.  Therefore, we are willing to go the extra mile within the law of Florida to achieve our business goals and objectives.


Personal Care

A caregiver can provide essential and dignified care with personal tasks that includes: meal preparation; house cleaning; walking, transferring, and fall prevention; bathing, dressing, and grooming; toileting and personal hygiene; laundry and changing bed-line; running errands; grocery shopping; scheduling appointments; transportation; budgeting finances and paying bills; and medication management.


Respite Care

Are you in need of a break?  When you care for someone who is sick or disabled, it is a 24-hour job.  There comes a time when everyone needs a break.  That is where ELAHHC can help.  Our trained caregivers are always ready and available to serve.


End of Life Care

As we all have experienced, whether in this industry or in personal lives, the end of life is a natural part of our lives.  But that does not mean that we will not experience all that challenges that comes with losing a loved one.  An increasing number of the elderly are choosing to send their final days at home; therefore, it is important for their loved ones to have access to this service that will offer them comfort and support.  Although we do not offer hospice services, we do care for those under hospice care.


Sitter Care

Elderly sitter care allows seniors to not feel alone.  Caregivers can share conversation and provide vital conversation when needed; assist with transportation to social events, and partake in their favorite activities.


Advocate/Case Management Care

The elderly has a voice, and we at ELAHHC are here to help you express your views and wishes as well as stand-up for your rights.

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